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Unsigned Prospects Showcase 2022 Notes

By LBI Carolina Staff @Mindy_McCarthy3, 03/24/21, 1:00PM EDT


LBI Unsigned Prospects Showcase - 2022 Notes

Jada Brigman 5’8” Guard Olympic HS NC
Brigman will get you some statistics in every category.  She can score going straight to the basket, and she can certainly shoot from downtown.  She uses her vision on the court to find her open teammates, and she does a great job anticipating passes on defense to grab a steal.  She follows every shot looking for rebounds, too.

Maya Chocano 6’ Guard Humberview Secondary - Caledon, Ontario
Chocano was having a blast scoring from every level on the court and doing so many times through contact.  She can handle the ball well pushing it up the court herself after grabbing a steal or rebound, and she has a nice crossover that she uses to blow by defenders.  She keeps her head on a swivel and knows how to get the ball to her teammates timing her passes perfectly as they cut to the basket.

Kaitlyn Walters 5’6” Guard Hickory Ridge HS NC
Walters showed off her shooting at the showcase, and she did an excellent job hitting these shots in transition.  She pushed the ball up the court herself finding her open teammates.  On defense, her hands were causing problems stripping the ball from her opponents. 

Olivia York 5’8” Guard Cannon HS NC
York does an excellent job at creating her own offense by grabbing steals or crashing the boards for rebounds and taking them to the other end of the court.  Her vision of the court was on display as she was finding her open teammates to dish the ball to in order for them to score.  She crashed the boards for some second chance opportunities.

Carmen Moore 5’8” Guard Falls Lake Academy NC
Moore plays a lot taller than her frame, and she has the skills of a stealthy guard.  She drives hard to the basket fighting through contact, and she makes nice cuts when she doesn’t have the ball to expose the gaps in the defense.  She hustles on fast breaks dishing the ball to her teammates or preventing her opponents from scoring in transition.

Lindsay Paukovitz    5’3” Guard Fort Mill HS SC
Paukovitz has great vision of the court driving and dishing the ball to her teammates.  She does a great job making adjustments to get her shot up.  She jumps into passing lanes to grab the steal, and she always looks for an opponent to box out when a shot goes up.

Mykenzie Morris 5’6” Guard East Mecklenburg HS NC
Morris is a great shooter from behind the arc, and she finds ways to get open by constantly relocating after she passes the ball.  She crashes the boards to grab some rebounds, and she is speedy with the way she can grab steals to take the other direction.

Jordann Nelson 5’4” Point Guard Ardrey Kell HS NC
Nelson can pick the pocket of an opponent and be up the court before her opponents know she has the ball.  If they do make it back in time, she can certainly battle through contact.  If she isn’t driving the ball, she is most likely showing off her jump shot.

Amani Kearney 5’8” Guard  Leesville Road HS NC
Kearney fights for every possession handling the ball all the way up the court.  She has various ways of scoring including a floater down the middle of the lane, baseline jump shots, and put back shots off of offensive rebounds.  Her anticipation on defense allows her to grab steals that she takes the other direction.

Tori Thompson 5’7” Guard Polk County HS NC
Thompson seems to amaze spectators as she puts the ball through the hoop just when you think a play has broken down.  She can score at all three levels, and she uses this threat to pull defenders to her right before she dishes the ball to her open teammates.  She battles through contact for her points, too.

Shamaria Jennings 5’9” Guard Mt. Paran Christian - Dallas, GA
Jennings does a great job driving the ball up the court, and she makes good decisions with her adjustments whether she is dishing the ball to an open teammate, pulling up for a jump shot or floater, or taking it all the way to the hoop herself.  She crashes the boards looking for rebounds, too.

Jada Douthit 5’7” Guard Heritage HS NC
Douthit has multiple ways of scoring three point plays whether she shoots it from behind the arc or makes some nice moves to the basket with a trip to the free throw line for icing on the cake.  She isn’t just a scorer as she is constantly looking for ways to get her teammates involved with passes, especially in transition.

Amina Miles     6’1” Power Forward Wake Forest HS NC
Miles uses her length to block shots and grab rebounds, especially when it comes to offensive boards that she can put right back up.  She does a great job getting into position in the post using her moves to score her points in set offenses.

Jaleiah Gibson 5’10” Forward Salisbury HS NC
Gibson sees the floor well making some nice passes to her teammates, and she looks for her own entry passes as she is constantly moving around the paint to get open.  She tracks the ball blocking shots and finds the rebounds off of missed shots.  She has a nice midrange jump shot that she adds to her post playing from the block.

Miquishia Patterson 5’10” Guard Hibriten HS NC
Patterson’s strength in basketball is with her hands whether she is causing problems on defense or handling the ball well up the court.  She can block shots and crash the boards for some rebounds.  Her shot is certainly another asset that she can bring to a program.

Emma Thompson 6’ Forward Legion Collegiate Academy SC
Thompson’s IQ was on display the way that she played help defense.  When playing her own offense, she snuck behind the opponents to get open.  She goes after rebounds, and she has a nice jump shot from midrange.